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A daily examination of conscience is the first step to changing your life. At the end of the day, before you retire at night, spend some quiet time in prayer, reflecting on the events of the day, your interaction with people – family members (even if the contact has been for a brief second), colleagues, friends, people on the street, in the shops. Your interaction with people may change their life – forever. So if your heart, mind and soul have been prepared in prayer, chances are you will make a positive connection with anyone you meet this day.  And if it has been a positive, helpful influence on that person’s life for that moment, chances are they are going to share that joyful experience with others.  And if you feel that you have committed sins in the past that you wish to repent of, go to a catholic church and confess your sins to the priest. Sometimes people feel nervous as to what the priest will tell them, but fear not, the priest has heard thousands and confessions in his time and will definitely make you feel at ease.

Are you looking for a checklist before going to confession?

Well this is a good website to read and perhaps print for reference. It will help you examine your daily life, see areas in which you could improve your life in accordance with God’s will. The more you go to Confession, the more Graces God pours into our hearts.


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Lets unite our prayers at all hours of the day and night in the universal prayers of the Church –


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