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The other day I had a few chores to complete as I needed to shop for groceries and also fill up my car with petrol (or gas). I was in the supermarket looking around and filled up my small basket as there were only a few items I needed, and my eyes fell on the line of chocolate packets on one side. Immediately I was tempted by the thought of enjoying a bar of nice creamy chocolate later that evening after dinner. I was thinking about it for a minute or so. Then the thought came to me ‘but I am not feeling hungry, I dont need this, my body does not want this and why should I indulge and spend extra money on something which is not necessary’. I was thinking of people who can’t have sugar in their diets and sweets or who are poor. So I gave it a miss and finished paying for my groceries and off I went on my other mission. The thought of chocolates totally went out of my mind!

Next I drove into the petrol station to fill up and I saw Hungry Jacks next door and adverts for a nice hot pack of chips! And I started wanting a hot cup of chips, seeing it was a very cold day. Again I thought to myself ‘but I am not hungry, I have just had my breakfast and lunch, why be greedy for more food and why spend that extra money’. Straight away the thought of eating hot chips vanished.

So I feel that my past efforts to fast and abstain during the seasons of lent and at other timesĀ  have strengthened my will to resist temptations. I must admit that fasting and abstaining does take a bit of effort over time, we fail, we get up, we try again. We need constant prayers to help us each day. It is good to not give in to the urge of eating or drinking whenever we feel like it or to indulge far more than is necessary. Ofcourse we do celebrate at festive seasons, birthdays, etc and its great to partake of all the glorious food that God has given us to share with one another! Making an extra effort to not give in to temptations strengthens our will each time we do it. We do it with love for Jesus.

~ May God guide you as you walk this journey of faith!

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