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Young+men+and+women+using+mobile+phonesAre you addicted to texting, emails and social media? It is a difficult habit to break, especially when you’re bored or not doing anything or curious to know what is going on the social media world! We are spending less time interacting with other fellow human beings. When walking down a street, people pass you by without looking up from their mobile phones or when standing at a busy road intersection, they use that time to look at their mobile phones. No one notices things going around them! I have even seen people at tram and train terminus climbing on board the tram, still looking at their mobiles, getting onto the tram/train still looking at their mobiles! I have come across people walking across a busy street, not looking left or right, but with their heads bowed down looking at their mobile!

Another health concern is caring for your eyes. Recently I had to do research on eye sickness and what steps to take to care for your eyes. Our eyes are so precious, you would only know how precious they were if you suddenly experienced vision loss! Think about it! Even before computers and mobile phones, humans do experience some eye problems as they age, whether its cataract, macular degeneration or retina detachment. Some people experience retina detachment – suddenly without warning! The only way to correct this problem is to have surgery and even then full vision is not guaranteed!

The other safety risk is on the road, being at risk to drivers, to yourself and to others, if you are walking across a busy road, preoccupied with reading your mobile phone! How can you not know that a car driver will not be able to use his brakes to prevent a collision?

I have also seen drivers behind the wheel of a car, driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on their mobile phone, looking at their mobile phone, instead of on the road ahead on a very busy road intersection!

Does the Future Hold a Digital Revolution?


How can we overcome this addiction? Anybody have any answers? I look forward to your comments. Thank you!

May God be with you on your journey today!

~ Mary J


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St.-Zita-300x287During this Lenten season, I have been really discerning daily what I really need and what I want – you know all those extra glamorous shiny stuff in shops that are inviting you in to spend, spend, spend! You know all those sweets and tempting food in stores or even to cook on the internet! Are you tempted?

So here we are – half way through Lent and what have we achieved! I am so guilty of breaking my promises to give up all those extras!

Have hope! All is not lost! We are still half way there till Easter and there is still plenty of time to make a new start today. I must confess I had a bowl of icecream the other day, since it is so hot here in Australia. This week I went grocery shopping, was tempted to buy more icecream, had a few tugs of the heart, and then said ‘no’.

What makes me want to do more giving up is when I think of the poverty in the world and the people who are starving or no water or have no clothes or shoes on their feet. I think of them. I think of the spoiled food which I have to throw out, that is unnecessary wastage. Why do we live like kings, when the world around us is in great need.

Since I am the main cook at home, I have changed the way I buy food, so that its not wasted, buy fresh, healthy foods. I appreciate our natural food products, like vegetables, fruits, cereals, herbs. All these foods are easy to cook and are good for your body. I am really pleased that I shop smart now, eliminating excess packaged foods, the packaging, tins, bottles, cardboard. It has reduced my waste bin to a quarter! I have even reduced my utilities bills with electricity, gas, all by changing my mindset on not to live luxuriously.

I have been thinking the past 3 decades the world has gone through our food ingredients and listed every particle of food, down to the calories, energy, etc. But what about our souls? Shouldn’t we look after our souls the same way? Think of what we are feeding our souls with mentally and spiritually, which does affect our souls in a big way and thus affects us as whole human beings. Some people don’t like to be told the list of things that can poison your soul. Yes there are many vices that poison your soul – like greed, lust, laziness, addictions, pride, envy, etc. How do we purify our souls? By feeding our souls with virtue – humility, chastity, love, charity, prayer life.

Jesus gave us 2 Commandments to follow ‘Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and Love thy neighbour’. If we can think of our neighbour as the human race living on this planet, the ones in need, suffering for lack of food, shelter and clothing and try to live more simple lives, we can make a difference one person at a time.

God bless you and yours!

~ Mary



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Young+men+and+women+using+mobile+phones During this season of Lent, I have been thinking about how much time we spend on mobile phones, computers and TV!

Last night I was driving down a neighborhood and I glanced across at a house which had their front room window open for all to see and I saw 2 young men staring into their separate computer screens. This was evening, a time where we usually gather as a family after dinner and chat. I had a sense of sadness that we seem to be caught up in this technology world that we can’t even look at another human being near us. How do you know by not looking at another person that you could pick up a sense of sadness on another’s face and ask them ‘what is wrong, can I help you?’. Or you can tell by looking at a person’s face that they are not well and help them. How can we help one another, if we are constantly looking at a mobile!

While I have been commuting by tram during the week, I notice everyone has a mobile phone in their hand, while waiting by the tram stop and even when they get on the tram, they are still holding that phone and staring at the screen and swiping the screen with their fingers. What are people missing out on? Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine after being cooped up in an office perhaps? A lovely sunny day, looking around them and thanking God for all the beauty of creation, looking at someone and smiling, start chatting with someone or helping someone. All those opportunities are gone forever. I once stepped onto a train with a lady who I never knew was blind and she started chatting cheerfully about something (just a few humorous words) which made me smile and respond to her as well and soon we got talking!

I myself have been guilty of spending extra time on the net. I think about the cost of electricity, battery chargers, extra cost of internet downloads. All that extra time using electricity does eventually add up each month. Cutting out an extra hour of TV or computer each day will reduce your electricity bill each month, even if it is a small amount.

What can you do with that extra hour (of not staring at the TV screen or mobile)?

  1. Family prayer time.
  2. Chat with family around you or phone someone you have not spoken to in a while.
  3. Read a book.
  4. Pray the rosary and read a passage from the scriptures. Meditate on whatever words grab your attention or meditate on a scripture story.
  5. Go for a walk.
  6. Clean and tidy your home.
  7. Organise your day with a To Do list.

I hope all the above ideas are productive and will help you grow your spiritual life during this Lenten season.

God bless you and yours!

~ Mary

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While blog hopping, I came across this website and would like to share it with you all. After all we need to help one another on this great journey of life. Someone, somewhere is stuck in a rut and looking for change. So here are some great tips. I only share what I know is good for me, so its good for you …


~ God bless you!


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How to suffer well?

Suffering is part of human life, we have to accept it and learn how to deal with it when it comes. Life can’t be all about being happy all the time! Fr Robert Spitzer speaks on ‘How to suffer well’ …

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How do you cope with gossip? How can one be distanced from it. It is hard. Everyone is laughing, joking and soon you get swept away by talking about this one and that one! Before you know it, you get locked into it, there is no way out. How do you break away from this human habit, without looking and feeling left out?

Today I met some friends after a long time, meaning to have a friendly chat and in a matter of minutes the conversation was heading along the gossiping side! I have started cutting short anyone who starts to spread rumours about someone’s good name. I said ‘no I don’t want to hear about it’ in a nice way 🙂 I am achieving this with the help of a lot of prayer and confession. You see every time you confess this sin, you must promise Jesus that you will not do it again with His help. So when you overcome this habit, you can feel Jesus almost smiling! Yes it is still a battle to overcome, but its worth it.

Well, it so happened after I had this conversation,  I opened our church newsletter and there was an article on Pope Francis speaking on gossip and backstabbing.

Francis equated gossip with murder during a Mass he held for Vatican employees on 2 September at St Martha’s House. Referring to the jealousy that swirled around Jesus, the Pope said ‘it happens every day in our hearts … It is said in a community ‘how great this person is who has come to us’ … But then gossip starts and ends in skinning the person. ‘Where there is God, there is no hate, envy or jealousy. Nor are there those who want to kill with gossip.’

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Addictions – Father Corapi.

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