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In what does your life consist except two things:
(1) Active duties; and
(2) passive circumstances.
The first is under your control – do these in God’s name.
The second is outside your control – these submit to in God’s name.
Consider only the present; leave the past to God’s justice, the future
to His Providence.

Perfection of personality does not consist in knowing God’s plan, but in submitting to it as it reveals itself in the circumstances of life.
There is really one shortcut to sanctity – the one Mary chose in the
Visitation, the one Our Lord chose in Gethsemane – abandonment to the
Divine Will.”
Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen (The Seven Words of Jesus and Mary)

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Dear reader

How do we navigate the social media forums on the net as true Christians? There are no borders to stop anyone from saying anything we like. Its total freedom of speech! But as Christians, we need to use discernment and discretion in what we read and respond to. No matter what news reports are published, we need to use discernment to see if it is valid or not and also to be respectful of everyone involved.

The internet can be used for good and evil as well. The way we act on the internet is also covered in the 10 Commandments and can even be a sin against God, His Church and our neighbours. If we hurt our neighbour we hurt God.

It is also in the Cathecism of the Catholic Church – CCC 2478 – Avoid Rash Judgment – http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/para/24…

CCC 892 – Must give assent to Ordinary Magisterium – http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/para/89…

Please take the time to watch and listen to this priest homily on this subject. Let us pray for peace on the internet.

Peace starts with one person at a time, so let us all strive to build up a peaceful world.

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On fasting

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Dear reader

This liturgical season we are reading the Gospel of St Luke. We are in the month of September 2019. If you ever wanted to read the full Gospel, you can join in the universal church in reading the Daily Readings at Mass daily.

Today its 10th September and we read the Gospel of St Luke, Chapter 6:20-26, where Jesus is giving us the Beatitudes. I was meditating on these readings early morning and read before that passage and after that passage to get a full understanding of that scene, I discovered a few interesting things. The Holy Spirit always leads us to be ready to receive the Word of the Day, whatever our hearts, minds and souls are open to receive the Divine Word, the love that is seeking to know God more. The Holy Spirit opened my mind to a few interesting scenarios – that Jesus had a lot of people following him and it wasn’t until some time later, even after a few miracles that He decided to select the 12 Disciples from among them. Also the passage relating to the powerful presence of Jesus wherever He went. On this previous Sunday the Gospel passage was St Luke chapter 14:25 ‘Now great multitudes followed him’.

If we read the passages before Jesus sermon, we find that He had just chosen His 12 Disciples after praying the whole night before and early morning, He selected the 12. After that He came down from the mountain to a level place where He could be seen by the crowds that followed Him.

And all the crowd sought to touch him, for power came forth from him and healed them all”.

The previous 4 chapters of St Luke’s Gospel describes Jesus’ birth upto the time when He started his ministry in chapter 4 where he goes into the desert to fast and pray for 40 days and nights – before his work began.

Jesus was surrounded by crowds and many people wherever He went, His presence was so powerful.

We learn that before he selected his disciples He prayed a lot on the mountain the whole night. From this we learn the importance of praying before any decisions we make. It is easy to get side tracked and allow ourselves to be overcome by worries about these decisions, but if we focus our minds on God and entrust in His Will, we will find peace, because we know that we have entrusted this matter to God and its in His hands. We still need to keep praying no matter what the outcome of that decision is.

May God Bless you!


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This talk by Fr Richard is a very inspirational talk in which he describes how to grow deeper in your catholic faith by prayer and living out the Beatitudes every day.

There are various aspects of a christian life by daily prayers – vocal, with the community of the church, at Mass, etc. But the greatest benefit is for each person is to develop a deep personal relationship with God

  1. Awake in prayer! Spend your first moments with a simple sign of the Cross and dedication of your day to Our Lord. Time taken = 1 minute!
  2. Prayer – by spending some quiet alone time with God, talking to Him as if he is with you now, because He is!
  3. Reading – If you want to learn about God, read about Him in the Scriptures. Reading the Scriptures will also help you as God speaks to us through the scriptures too in our daily discernment. We can allow Holy Spirit to lead us to a particular word or passage from the Scriptures or we can select to read a page of the Scriptures. I find reading the Psalms, Proverbs, Letters of St Paul, or Gospels very inspiring. http://universalis.com/ By making a commitment to join in this daily prayer of the church, we are all united in common prayer offered to God. This way our minds and souls are fully occupied with prayer with no time to fear or worry about useless things!
  4. Lectio Divina – this is the universal daily prayer of the church which is prayed in every church, monastry, religious order throughout the day. It is said at dawn, mid-day, evening. You can obtain an online version.
  5. Daily Readings – this is selected Daily Readings to be used for Daily Mass. http://universalis.com/
  6. Keep busy in serving others! Service to others – when we give of ourselves to others – family, friends, neighbors, we focus on others’ needs, it teaches us mercy, compassion, patience. We learn and develop new skills of understanding, empathy, endurance and strength from God.
  7. Church community – Another way to grow your faith is also by being part of your church community and being with people who are faithful catholics and close to God, because they will help us to grow stronger in your faith.

May this post bless you in a special way today!

~God Bless from Mary

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