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Pope at Morning Mass: Who Do You Follow?
Asks Whether You Turn to Jesus Who “Warms Hearts,” Or To ”Those Consumed by Money, Power, Moralism”

Vatican City, June 26, 2014 (Zenit.org) | 730 hits

At morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta today, Pope Francis reminded faithful that people followed Jesus since they recognized he was always truly a “good shepherd,” with a loving and merciful voice, and never was like his counterparts “who reduced the faith to moralism, pursued political liberation, or sought deals with power.”

The Pontiff asked those present to consider how Jesus won over the hearts of many. He stressed that Jesus “wasn’t a moralistic, quibbling Pharisee, or a Sadducee who made political deals with the powerful, or a guerrilla who sought the political liberation of his people,” nor was he “a contemplative in a monastery.”

“He was a pastor! A pastor who spoke the language of His people, Who understood, Who spoke the truth, the things of God.”

“He spoke in such a way that the people loved the things of God. That’s why they followed Him,” the Holy Father suggested.

Jesus, the Pope said, “was never far from the people, was never far from His Father.” Jesus “was so joined to the Father, He was one with the Father!” and also was “so very close to the people.” He “had this authority, and this is why the people followed Him.” Contemplating Jesus, the Good Shepherd, the Pope said, it would be good for us to think about who we like to follow.

Before exploring this further, he turned to why Jesus was followed, saying the crowds followed Jesus not only because “they were astonished by His teaching,” but also because his words “brought wonder to their hearts, the wonder of finding something good, great.” Whereas, he added, others spoke, “but they did not reach the people.”

The Pope mentioned four groups of people that were speaking at the time of Jesus: the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Revolutionaries, and the Essenes.


The Pharisees, he said, were making religion into a chain of commandments, turning the Ten Commandments into “more than three hundred,” loading “this weight” on the backs of the people. The Pope said their obsession with laws and rules essentially became “a reduction of the faith in the Living God,” and led to “moral quibbling” and “contradictions.”

“For example, ‘You have to obey the fourth commandment!’ ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ ‘You have to feed your elderly father, your elderly mother!’ ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ ‘But you know, I can’t because I gave my money to the temple!’; ‘You don’t do that? And your parents starve to death!’ So: contradictions of the cruelest kind of moralistic quibbling,” the Pontiff illustrated.


This group, the Pope said, “did not have the faith, they had lost the faith! They made it their religious work to make deals with the powers: political powers, economic powers. They were men of power.”


The “revolutionaries,” or the zealots, wanted to cause a revolution to free the people of Israel from the Roman occupation, the Pontiff explained. The people, he added, were wise and knew ”to distinguish when the fruit was ripe and when it was not!” and, “therefore, didn’t follow them.”


The fourth group, the Essenes, were sort of like monks who consecrated their lives to the Lord and were “good people,” the Pope said. However, he cautioned, that “they were far from the people, and the people couldn’t follow them.”

Describing these groups together, the Pope said that though their voices “reached” the people, they did not have the power to “warm the people’s hearts.” However, this is how Jesus was different,” his voice, instead, did. When Jesus “approached to the people,” he could heal their hearts because he could “understand their difficulties,” and unlike others, he “was not ashamed to speak with sinners,” and instead “went out to find them,” he added.

Jesus vs. the Others:

Jesus delighted in being with his people. This is why Jesus is “the Good Shepherd:” his flock of sheep hear His voice and follow Him.

Jesus was “never far,” not from the people, nor from His Father. In fact, he added, he was intimately close with both, and, for this reason, he had a unique “authority” and “this is why the people followed Him.”

What About You?

Francis, then turned to today and asked: “Who do I like to follow? Those who talk to me about abstract things or quibbling morals? Those who talk about the people of God but have no faith and negotiate with political, economic powers? Those who always want to do strange things, destructive things, so-called wars of liberation, but which in the end are not the paths of the Lord? Or a faraway contemplative? Who do I like to follow?”

Leaving this as the final thought, he said, “May this question bring us to prayer, and to ask God the Father, who brings us close to Jesus, to follow Jesus, to be amazed at the things Jesus tells us.” (D.C.L.)

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“I think of many Christians, of many Catholics: yes, they are Catholics, but without enthusiasm, even embittered,” he said.

“‘Yes, life is what it is, but the Church – I go to Mass every Sunday, but better not get mixed up in things – I have faith for my health, I do not feel the need to give it to another…’. Each in his own house, the quiet life: but, you do something and then they criticise you: ‘No, leave it alone, don’t chance it.’ This is the disease of sloth, the acedia of Christians. This attitude that is crippling the apostolic zeal, which makes Christian people stand still and at ease, but not in the good sense of the word: they do not bother to go out to proclaim the Gospel! They are anaesthetised.”

These Christians “without apostolic zeal,” he continued, “are not useful, they do not do the Church well. And how many Christians are like this, selfish, out for themselves?” This, he said, is “the sin of sloth, which is a sin against apostolic zeal, against the desire to give the news of Jesus to others, that newness, which was given to me for free.”

Pope Francis 1/4/14


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We are often induced to fall into the same misunderstandings that characterized the community of Corinth; those Christians thought that since they had been freely justified in Christ through faith, “they could do as they pleased”. And they believed and it often seems that today’s Christians also think this that it is permissible to create divisions in the Church, the Body of Christ, to celebrate the Eucharist without looking after the neediest of our brothers, to aspire to better charisms without being aware that each is a member of the other, and so forth.

The consequences of a faith that is not manifested in love are disastrous, because it reduces itself to the arbitrariness and subjectivism that is most harmful to us and to our brothers.

Pope Benedict XVI

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Just a bit of cheer on this Monday morning with this tune playing from the radio!
I am inspired by this song ‘Getting to know you’ musical. I write many blog posts but don’t get much comments or feedback from my viewers! I am sure we can all benefit from more interaction!
So if you read this post today, do drop me a line and tell us a bit about yourself and how you found my blog!

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This is a wonderful video by Anthony DeStefano on the 3 G’s of Peace and Happiness.

A Travel Guide to Life

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how-to-survive-in-a-trapped-elevator.WidePlayerHave you experienced a life threatening situation? Like got stuck in an elevator? There is no way out, you are in this small space with steel walls around you and no air!

Throughout my life I’ve heard people say they will never go into an elevator, they are afraid of getting stuck. Well that’s what happened to me this Sunday morning, on my way to Mass! I had no inkling to warn me about this. People expect to get a warning don’t they, but no not this time.  Its real, human fear of being suffocated.

I had parked on the top floor, took the lift down and the last person to get in questioned whether they could fit in. The sign said 13 people and we were just 10 adults, so it should be okay or so we thought. The lift went straight down to the ground floor. Nothing happens, the doors don’t open automatically. Silence, shock, this couldn’t be happening to us look on our faces! Instant reaction is fright. People started pressing buttons, Open Door. Nothing! We are looking at each other. ‘See I told you we shouldn’t have got in, we should have walked down’ said the last lady that got in. Someone said ‘press the Alarm’. Pressed the Alarm once. Nothing! We are looking at four walls of solid steel, with no fan, no ventilation, its a hot day. Pressed the Alarm button a few more times. Then a voice came over the loud speaker ‘whats happened?’. ‘We’re stuck in the lift and the doors are not opening’. ‘Oh okay we’ll send the maintenance team. How are you?’. Then silence – silence for a few minutes. I said ‘lets pray’. Again we pressed the Alarm bell. ‘Yes? the voice said. ‘When do you expect the maintenance team will come?’. ’30 minutes’. I said 30 minutes? there’s someone  sick here, its too long. I suddenly had visions of the team climbing over the lift and pulling us out of the roof. What if they couldn’t fix it? Sometimes it takes hours I thought! What else can you do in an enclosed space for hours! It was stifling, I could feel the heat. I thought to myself please don’t faint and embarrass yourself! The rest of the people around me were younger, some were joking about it. One girl put it on Facebook from her mobile phone and said ‘ha now the whole world knows we’re stuck in a lift’. They all giggled.

I was starting to feel faint, my legs were shaking. I was praying to our Lord Jesus to save us. Minutes passed. Someone asked how long has it been. People looked around for any signs of an opening. Nothing!  I couldn’t  imagine being stuck here in a small space for hours with nothing to do. I passed my time texting family to let them know where I was.

After about 20 minutes we heard a noise outside, the doors opened and a man outside greets us with a smile! Alleluia praise God! What a breath of fresh air it was! How thankful we are to breathe again!

This experience gave me a few thoughts. 1) You never know when you will face a life threatening situation at any time without warning and will you be prepared to face your Maker? You might think oh its never going to happen to me. But who knows? 2) Speak to the management of Car Park to please have a Lift Attendant in the lift next time!

May God’s peace be with you!




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Here is a link to the website on The Imitation of Christ where you can listen to the audio readings of this book.


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Isn’t the above video just beautiful – angelic voices! See the faces of little children – so pure and innocent. Jesus says ‘Unless you become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven’ and ‘let the little children come unto me’.

Christmas is just 2 days away! And its come so fast this  year.  Perhaps because I haven’t been able to think about anything else these past few months, except to cope with the millions of things to deal with in my life.  How to keep focused on Jesus in the midst of trial and suffering is a hard thing to do, but with persistence and holding on to your faith with daily – sometimes hourly prayer, calling on His Holy Name, He is there at your side giving you His comfort. I know there are people throughout the world – families going through life struggles, without jobs, homes, food, sickness, broken homes, despair, wars, disasters. But we have Hope in Christ – never forget that.

I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and may Jesus the Light of the World and our Eternal Salvation be born in your heart and give you His Grace and His Peace! Jesus is our Hope – walk with Him!

Love & God’s Blessings


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Every human being develops some kind of addiction in this life. Be free of your addictions – give your life over to Jesus Our Merciful Saviour.

‘Jesus came to set the captives free’

Listen and watch Father Corapi’s talk on this subject.

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