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“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” Mother Teresa

It is easy to smile when life is great around us, when we achieve our goals in life – succeed at school, getting your driver’s licence, buying a car, getting that dream job, marrying, having a family, holidays, buying a new house, ticking off all the things on our ‘To Do List’ or ‘Wish List’, or having a lovely day.

Life can be pretty smooth sailing for a while, until life suddenly changes … we encounter issues with job instability, financial instability, health problems for ourselves or people we live with, external factors we don’t have control over – like nature taking its toll on our homes with floods, damage to houses and properties; wars, terrorism, plagues, rioting, new laws governing our future security in our country.

How do we smile when a loved one is suffering illness and passes away? The overwhelming grief and loss is ever present. All around you, you see people happy and going about their own lives.

The ‘smile’ that Blessed Teresa talks about is a spiritual smile! You can instantly smile when you feel Jesus ever present within you, when you have a deep personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and He only can give you that peace that the world cannot give. How?

  1. By striving to live a virtuous life, praying continually, communicating with God our Father throughout the day, thanking Him for everything around us; praying for the intentions of others, sick, dying, poor, homeless, needs of the Catholic Church.
  2. Reading the Scriptures daily and learning our catholic faith. Reading the Lives of the Saints we learn how they dealt with life’s challenges and adversities.
  3. Attending Holy Mass regularly, listening to the Word of God and receiving the Holy Eucharist, food for our souls.
  4. Regular Confession, striving to avoid sin
  5. Eucharistic Adoration
  6. Daily Examen of Conscience
  7. Practicing good works of mercy

When we know more about Jesus, then we can smile from the heart and soul, even in times when we encounter adversities and challenges.

We smile at our brothers and sisters in Christ, wishing them peace and blessings! Each time we smile at someone we impart peace and blessings to be spread around the world! And we in turn also experience peace and healing.



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helping Today I witnessed an incident that touched my heart and I just have to record it! Moments like these are God’s message of hope, love, joy, communion with people. We are all suffering and wounded, but we reach out to one another, wherever we may be. A smile, a touch, a little gesture to show I care, all helps restore our faith in God and brings peace to us and those around us.

Today I was at Mass and Our Lady’s Novena and as usual there are a lot of elderly, sick people at front rows of church, which is usually packed lunchtime. They all love this Novena to Our Lady and they are there with their little prayer books. Today I noticed parents come in front of me with a disabled son, they had their arm around him throughout the service while he knelt. A few of the congregation near to him turned around to smile at him especially and give him a little gift holy card, medal and rosary and say a few words to him, pat him on the back. It was such a lovely moment to feel welcomed as God’s family. Our churches are a haven, oasis of prayer for all. Some people feel disillusioned with life and become hardened, turn away from their faith even, blame people for past mistakes and it makes them bitter internally. But take heart, there is hope in Jesus!




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I came across this video of Mother Angelica on forgiving our enemies or those who have hurt us. Pray for those who offend you, no matter how difficult it is. ThThis was replayed on EWTN tv today. Mother Angelica has some jewels of advice recorded on http://www.ewtn.com or on YouTube. This is really valuable advice!


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Peace begins with a smile! – Quote by Blessed Mother Teresa

We sure need to spread this quote around the world today! Its so simple, it doesn’t cost much, no effort involved, no words, just a smile to show people that its alright, all is well, all will be well, God is in control! Make someone else find that peace in their heart by that smile. Smiling doesn’t only mean you are happy but it can also mean that your heart is full of joy – joy which comes from God alone. Joy can be attained by having a personal relationship with the Lord, a daily communion of prayer with God. Jesus left us 2 Commandments ‘Love your God with your whole heart, mind and soul and love your neighbour as yourself’. Reading the Scriptures or Lives of Saints one is filled with awe and love for Our Heavenly Father. Try and find that peace!

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Just a bit of cheer on this Monday morning with this tune playing from the radio!
I am inspired by this song ‘Getting to know you’ musical. I write many blog posts but don’t get much comments or feedback from my viewers! I am sure we can all benefit from more interaction!
So if you read this post today, do drop me a line and tell us a bit about yourself and how you found my blog!

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Coming home!

RembrandtI was listening to our local radio station yesterday while driving. It was the talk back show and the radio host picks any topic of conversation about life in general. This time he asked radio listeners what were their experiences when they moved away from home and came back after a while, or went on holidays, or had a life changing experience, what did they think of the people they lived with, if they had changed or if their city had changed in some way. There were some humorous stories and some somber stories as well!  Here are a few:

One guy said his life completely changed when he recovered from a near death experience,

Another guy had decided he had enough of city life, and lived in the bush for many years, then returned home recently. He noticed a big change! ‘Why don’t people smile?’ he said. ‘No one smiles anymore!’. ‘I went to the shopping mall and saw everyone with sad faces’.  ‘Come on people, please smile!’ he said.

Another guy said he hadn’t seen his family for 20 something years. They even lived a few kilometres from his home but had not been part of his family at all for that time. ‘So how did the reunion come about’ the radio host asked. ‘It just happened naturally, my daughter had been in contact by phone with some of the family and one day I asked her for the phone number, rang my sister and asked her to join us for dinner, she came and it all just flowed naturally from then on’. People didn’t even know what it was all about in the first place! ‘Were there no questions asked?’ the radio host asked. ‘No’ he answered, he decided to adopt Nelson Mandella’s advice of asking for no questions and answers about the past. He said family were the same, his mother still was the best cook in town, friends and neighbors still came over and life was the same. I shed a few silent tears for this happy reunion!

Amazing how this topic of conversation revealed the essence of our humanity – that we are all one family united in God. We can try and separate ourselves for a period of time, but we still need one another.  I think of families being separated for whatever reason, some have arguments over something that is petty and miss out on all those precious years of family togetherness.

The Catholic Church is the same – extending an invitation to all to come home.

Almighty God is waiting with open arms to welcome home the prodigal son, the lost sheep, the repentant sinner.

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