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Today at Mass, our priest spoke on this topic. So how do you define ‘happiness’?

‘Seeking holiness rather than happiness is a hard thing to do in the culture in which we live,” wrote John Maxwell, “because so much is geared to happiness—whatever makes you feel good.  In a secular society, happiness is the aim of life.  In a spiritual society, holiness is the thing that we strive for….Happiness is really found in holiness.  But if we try to bypass holiness in our search for happiness, we’ll miss it altogether.  Happiness is a by-product of holiness; it’s a benefit of living a pure life, rightly related to God, self and others.”

Material happiness is short-lived, it is just a feeling. If we strive to live holy lives we will be at peace, that is seeking peace with ourselves and others, doing the Will of God, obeying God’s Commandments, praying throughout the day, going to Mass, receiving the Holy Eucharist, Confession, striving to overcome our weaknesses, serving others. Striving to achieve this is hard work, but God gives us much more abundant Grace when we look to serve others, giving us peace and strength for daily living.



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35e1b3a1798f375f2c05a0c5679f32adToday I was walking in the city. It has been raining for many days and the sky was overcast many days – enough to make us feel in a bit of low mood. Then you get added life challenges! Someone sends you a bill or letter demanding something, you find something wrong with your car or house, something doesn’t work, or somebody crosses your path and says something rude or mean. You know that type of day!

I had just been to Mass and Communion and Adoration and was on my way home. I had paused at the intersection with many people who were impatient to cross the road as it was busy with cars and road works.

And then this thought came to me – my Lord Jesus came to earth for me, to live a humble life for me, to suffer a horrendous death on the cross for me and rose on Sunday (as He said He would) for me to have new Life! How can I be sad when God came for us, the greatest miracle in the world when the Son of God came to earth, to be part of our humanity, to show us the Way, the Truth and the Life. How can we be sad when life throws us challenges or people try to make you feel worthless!

And then the sunshine broke through the dark clouds! It was dazzlingly bright! God was giving us a message! Rejoice, always rejoice, even when life looks bleak. Pray and trust in God.

‘We are the Easter people and Alleluia is our song’ St John Paul II

God bless you!

~ Mary




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