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RembrandtReading The Imitation of Christ, Book II, Chapter 5, as part of my Consecration to Mary. It is so important that we build up our personal relationship with God alone, examine the state of our soul daily, by Examination of Conscience, spend time in conversation with God.  ‘What does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul. Mathew 16:26. Makes sense doesn’t it? If we get involved too much in the affairs of others and of the world, we neglect our own soul. To a certain degree, things around us happen, someone needs help, we need to attend to working a job, paying our bills, cooking our food to sustain us, to clean our homes and care for family around us. But we need to devote some time of the day to God alone, even if it for a few minutes early morning and late night.  If we spend some time examining our day and what happened, how did we respond to certain things, how we felt about it and what feelings it evoked within us, we ask God to shed His Light on that situation and to help us grow and change, so that next time it happens, we will respond in a charitable way, which is good for our souls and the good of other souls. This is how we grow positively and change the world a little at a time!


We must not rely too much upon ourselves, for grace and understanding are often lacking in us. We have but little inborn light, and this we quickly lose through negligence. Often we are not aware that we are so blind in heart. Meanwhile we do wrong, and then do worse in excusing it. At times we are moved by passion, and we think it zeal. We take others to task for small mistakes, and overlook greater ones in ourselves. We are quick enough to feel and brood over the things we suffer from others, but we think nothing of how much others suffer from us. If a man would weigh his own deeds fully and rightly, he would find little cause to pass severe judgment on others.

The interior man puts the care of himself before all other concerns, and he who attends to himself carefully does not find it hard to hold his tongue about others. You will never be devout of heart unless you are thus silent about the affairs of others and pay particular attention to yourself. If you attend wholly to God and yourself, you will be little disturbed by what you see about you.

Where are your thoughts when they are not upon yourself? And after attending to various things, what have you gained if you have neglected self? If you wish to have true peace of mind and unity of purpose, you must cast all else aside and keep only yourself before your eyes.

You will make great progress if you keep yourself free from all temporal cares, for to value anything that is temporal is a great mistake. Consider nothing great, nothing high, nothing pleasing, nothing acceptable, except God Himself or that which is of God. Consider the consolations of creatures as vanity, for the soul that loves God scorns all things that are inferior to Him. God alone, the eternal and infinite, satisfies all, bringing comfort to the soul and true joy to the body.

I wish you God’s peace and may you find God’s Grace to grow from strength to strength in the virtues that God has promised us!

~ Mary


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Today’s Readings for Daily Mass and especially this story of Susanah …



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Wisdom sings her own praises,*
among her own people she proclaims her glory.

In the assembly of the Most High she opens her mouth,
in the presence of his host she tells of her glory:

“From the mouth of the Most High I came forth,a
and covered the earth like a mist.

In the heights of heaven I dwelt,
and my throne was in a pillar of cloud.

The vault of heaven I compassed alone,
and walked through the deep abyss.

Over waves of the sea, over all the land,
over every people and nation I held sway.

Among all these I sought a resting place.
In whose inheritance should I abide?

“Then the Creator of all gave me his command,
and my Creator chose the spot for my tent.
He said, ‘In Jacob make your dwelling,
in Israel your inheritance.’

Before all ages, from the beginning, he created me,
and through all ages I shall not cease to be.

In the holy tent I ministered before him,
and so I was established in Zion.

In the city he loves as he loves me, he gave me rest;
in Jerusalem, my domain.

I struck root among the glorious people,
in the portion of the Lord, his heritage.

“Like a cedar in Lebanon I grew tall,
like a cypress on Mount Hermon;

I grew tall like a palm tree in Engedi,
like rosebushes in Jericho;
Like a fair olive tree in the field,
like a plane tree beside water I grew tall.

Like cinnamon and fragrant cane,
like precious myrrh I gave forth perfume;
Like galbanum and onycha and mastic,b
like the odor of incense in the holy tent.*

“I spread out my branches like a terebinth,
my branches so glorious and so graceful.

I bud forth delights like a vine;
my blossoms are glorious and rich fruit.†

Come to me, all who desire me,
and be filled with my fruits.*

You will remember me as sweeter than honey,
better to have than the honeycomb.

Those who eat of me will hunger still,*
those who drink of me will thirst for more.c

Whoever obeys me will not be put to shame,
and those who serve me will never go astray.”

All this is the book of the covenant of the Most High God,d
the Law which Moses commanded us*
as a heritage for the community of Jacob.†

It overflows, like the Pishon, with wisdom,e
and like the Tigris at the time of first fruits.

It runs over, like the Euphrates, with understanding,
and like the Jordan at harvest time.

It floods like the Nile with instruction,
like the Gihon* at vintage time.

The first human being never finished comprehending wisdom,
nor will the last succeed in fathoming her.

For deeper than the sea are her thoughts,
and her counsels, than the great abyss.

Now I, like a stream from a river,*
and like water channeling into a garden—

I said, “I will water my plants,
I will drench my flower beds.”
Then suddenly this stream of mine became a river,
and this river of mine became a sea.

Again I will make my teachings shine forth like the dawn;
I will spread their brightness afar off.

Again I will pour out instruction like prophecy
and bestow it on generations yet to come.
* [24:1–29] Wisdom speaks in the first person, describing her origin, her dwelling place in Israel, and the reward she gives her followers. As in Proverbs 8, Wisdom is personified as coming from God, yet distinct from him. This description is reflected in the Johannine logos, or Word (Jn 1:1–14). It is used extensively in the Roman liturgy.

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