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helping Today I witnessed an incident that touched my heart and I just have to record it! Moments like these are God’s message of hope, love, joy, communion with people. We are all suffering and wounded, but we reach out to one another, wherever we may be. A smile, a touch, a little gesture to show I care, all helps restore our faith in God and brings peace to us and those around us.

Today I was at Mass and Our Lady’s Novena and as usual there are a lot of elderly, sick people at front rows of church, which is usually packed lunchtime. They all love this Novena to Our Lady and they are there with their little prayer books. Today I noticed parents come in front of me with a disabled son, they had their arm around him throughout the service while he knelt. A few of the congregation near to him turned around to smile at him especially and give him a little gift holy card, medal and rosary and say a few words to him, pat him on the back. It was such a lovely moment to feel welcomed as God’s family. Our churches are a haven, oasis of prayer for all. Some people feel disillusioned with life and become hardened, turn away from their faith even, blame people for past mistakes and it makes them bitter internally. But take heart, there is hope in Jesus!




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how-to-survive-in-a-trapped-elevator.WidePlayerHave you experienced a life threatening situation? Like got stuck in an elevator? There is no way out, you are in this small space with steel walls around you and no air!

Throughout my life I’ve heard people say they will never go into an elevator, they are afraid of getting stuck. Well that’s what happened to me this Sunday morning, on my way to Mass! I had no inkling to warn me about this. People expect to get a warning don’t they, but no not this time.  Its real, human fear of being suffocated.

I had parked on the top floor, took the lift down and the last person to get in questioned whether they could fit in. The sign said 13 people and we were just 10 adults, so it should be okay or so we thought. The lift went straight down to the ground floor. Nothing happens, the doors don’t open automatically. Silence, shock, this couldn’t be happening to us look on our faces! Instant reaction is fright. People started pressing buttons, Open Door. Nothing! We are looking at each other. ‘See I told you we shouldn’t have got in, we should have walked down’ said the last lady that got in. Someone said ‘press the Alarm’. Pressed the Alarm once. Nothing! We are looking at four walls of solid steel, with no fan, no ventilation, its a hot day. Pressed the Alarm button a few more times. Then a voice came over the loud speaker ‘whats happened?’. ‘We’re stuck in the lift and the doors are not opening’. ‘Oh okay we’ll send the maintenance team. How are you?’. Then silence – silence for a few minutes. I said ‘lets pray’. Again we pressed the Alarm bell. ‘Yes? the voice said. ‘When do you expect the maintenance team will come?’. ’30 minutes’. I said 30 minutes? there’s someone  sick here, its too long. I suddenly had visions of the team climbing over the lift and pulling us out of the roof. What if they couldn’t fix it? Sometimes it takes hours I thought! What else can you do in an enclosed space for hours! It was stifling, I could feel the heat. I thought to myself please don’t faint and embarrass yourself! The rest of the people around me were younger, some were joking about it. One girl put it on Facebook from her mobile phone and said ‘ha now the whole world knows we’re stuck in a lift’. They all giggled.

I was starting to feel faint, my legs were shaking. I was praying to our Lord Jesus to save us. Minutes passed. Someone asked how long has it been. People looked around for any signs of an opening. Nothing!  I couldn’t  imagine being stuck here in a small space for hours with nothing to do. I passed my time texting family to let them know where I was.

After about 20 minutes we heard a noise outside, the doors opened and a man outside greets us with a smile! Alleluia praise God! What a breath of fresh air it was! How thankful we are to breathe again!

This experience gave me a few thoughts. 1) You never know when you will face a life threatening situation at any time without warning and will you be prepared to face your Maker? You might think oh its never going to happen to me. But who knows? 2) Speak to the management of Car Park to please have a Lift Attendant in the lift next time!

May God’s peace be with you!




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The amazing true story of John Harper – the last hero of the Titanic:


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