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At the start of this new year, we all have many plans and decisions to make, hoping to improve our lives or when faced with critical decisions for ourselves and our families! I hope you find this website helpful in taking steps to meditate on and structure your decision making plans. This is based on St Ignatius of Loyala’s teachings:

“Ignatian spirituality can help you in making good decisions. St. Ignatius Loyola’s approach to decision making combines keen psychological observation with acute spiritual insight. It has had a great impact over the centuries.”


God Bless ~ Mary




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20140605-153110.jpgI was driving yesterday and tuned in the radio. There was a lot of discussions on state of the nation issues, welfare, pensions, unemployment, which was enough to send me into a spirit of desolation! We daily hear news of the state of the world, the violence erupting at any place, at any time, the economy, governments, marriage, identity, religious freedom, etc. People are angry, they have worked hard all their lives and to be deprived of their rewards at retirement is unfair; our local farmers are unhappy that their family business is affected; parents of schoolchildren are unhappy with the system; people out of work at middle age because employers are not employing them. The pension is not guaranteed anymore. Its overwhelming the complexity of these issues and we feel totally powerless. Jesus said ‘Trust in Me’ when times get difficult.

During Eucharistic Adoration I surrendered all these problems of the world to the Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, saying to Him ‘why Lord do we have so many problems today’. The reply came ‘You were born for this moment in history, to face it and be courageous’. It was a surprise to hear it, but I needed to hear it!

We are all born for this time to be brave and courageous, we have to face these problems with God on our side. With God’s help only we can find the strength and courage to do whatever He tells us. Each of us have gifts that is given to us by God and we can only pray and ask Him what it is He wants us to do in this present age. We can very well shirk our duties, let someone else do it, shrug our shoulders and say ‘well blame the world’ and bury our head in the sand.

God has created you for this moment in world history, to be loving to your family, forgive, help one another at home and those around you, someone on the street needs your help, offer them help, stand up for justice for the good of all around us, not just for ourselves, but for the good of all. Increase your prayer life, yes even in the middle of housework, study, working, travelling to and from school or work, at the doctors, wherever, just say a little prayer.

Spend time at Mass, receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion, Confession, Eucharistic Adoration, daily Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet. It seems a lot to build into your daily time schedule, but if you give God the time, He will reward you a hundredfold.

A lot of people want to help the world with donating their time and it seems out of reach, but with prayer we can achieve more. Pray for the Missions, the hungry, the homeless, those in prison, those at war, for the sick, the disabled, the dying, the elderly. God will fill our souls with immense Grace we need to lead a more fulfilling spiritual life and prepare us for our Eternal Home.





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Here are 2 videos on Contemplation by Fr Thomas Dubay on how to increase our prayerlife through contemplation, prayers, seeking a deeper union with our God.



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St.-Zita-300x287During this Lenten season, I have been really discerning daily what I really need and what I want – you know all those extra glamorous shiny stuff in shops that are inviting you in to spend, spend, spend! You know all those sweets and tempting food in stores or even to cook on the internet! Are you tempted?

So here we are – half way through Lent and what have we achieved! I am so guilty of breaking my promises to give up all those extras!

Have hope! All is not lost! We are still half way there till Easter and there is still plenty of time to make a new start today. I must confess I had a bowl of icecream the other day, since it is so hot here in Australia. This week I went grocery shopping, was tempted to buy more icecream, had a few tugs of the heart, and then said ‘no’.

What makes me want to do more giving up is when I think of the poverty in the world and the people who are starving or no water or have no clothes or shoes on their feet. I think of them. I think of the spoiled food which I have to throw out, that is unnecessary wastage. Why do we live like kings, when the world around us is in great need.

Since I am the main cook at home, I have changed the way I buy food, so that its not wasted, buy fresh, healthy foods. I appreciate our natural food products, like vegetables, fruits, cereals, herbs. All these foods are easy to cook and are good for your body. I am really pleased that I shop smart now, eliminating excess packaged foods, the packaging, tins, bottles, cardboard. It has reduced my waste bin to a quarter! I have even reduced my utilities bills with electricity, gas, all by changing my mindset on not to live luxuriously.

I have been thinking the past 3 decades the world has gone through our food ingredients and listed every particle of food, down to the calories, energy, etc. But what about our souls? Shouldn’t we look after our souls the same way? Think of what we are feeding our souls with mentally and spiritually, which does affect our souls in a big way and thus affects us as whole human beings. Some people don’t like to be told the list of things that can poison your soul. Yes there are many vices that poison your soul – like greed, lust, laziness, addictions, pride, envy, etc. How do we purify our souls? By feeding our souls with virtue – humility, chastity, love, charity, prayer life.

Jesus gave us 2 Commandments to follow ‘Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and Love thy neighbour’. If we can think of our neighbour as the human race living on this planet, the ones in need, suffering for lack of food, shelter and clothing and try to live more simple lives, we can make a difference one person at a time.

God bless you and yours!

~ Mary



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Praydreaming – Key to discernment.

This is an excellent article for people looking for God’s Will in their daily life – whether its a vocation – career choice, change of jobs, studies, moving house, relationships,  marriage, etc. We all face these daily struggles on which path to choose.


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