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I came across this video of Mother Angelica on forgiving our enemies or those who have hurt us. Pray for those who offend you, no matter how difficult it is. ThThis was replayed on EWTN tv today. Mother Angelica has some jewels of advice recorded on http://www.ewtn.com or on YouTube. This is really valuable advice!


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Forgiveness – this subject is hard to take in by a lot of people. Lets face it we are all on this earth together and we don’t all agree most of the time, we hurt one another – sometimes intentionally, or unintentionally and we carry that hurt for the rest of our lives. It becomes a heavy burden, affecting our daily interactions with other people in our lives, those we may meet on the street or at work. It turns us into bitter, angry people and it shows in your physical appearance, it affects your health.

Someone comes to you and tells you their story that they have been hurt by someone in their life. You listen and sympathize and advise them to try and forgive. They look back at you in astonishment! They will tell you something along the lines ‘why dont you walk in my shoes and then you will know how I feel!’. Well I understand how you feel, but you need to deal with it right now, deal with those feelings of anger, hurt, etc., and then offer it up in prayer to Our Lord, as a sacrifice. Pray for the person who has hurt you – say ‘Lord please help this person’s soul’ and keep praying for him/her each time you think of the hurt they have caused you. Say a Hail Mary. A small prayer is all the Lord asks for. We don’t need to use long prayers, He understands you perfectly! And keep doing what you’re doing – keep busy and don’t dwell on this for too long. The Lord will surely comfort your soul, He will set you free from sin. Because inevitably when we dwell on anger for too long it leads to further sin in our lives.

Mother Angelica’s talks are really down to earth, inspirational and full of good common sense and humour! I hope you enjoy this video…

May the Peace of Christ be with you today and always!

~ Mary

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