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20160128_134532.jpgToday at Holy Mass, 19th December, at the Homily, our priest spoke of the Birth of Jesus Christ. He spoke of one story goes of a saint or mystic who had asked Jesus what was it like for Our Lady, a new mother to give birth to her baby in a manger. (I mean which mother today would like her baby to be born in a manger! A mother takes great care and preparation for the new born baby for 9 months.) Jesus replied that Our Lady had said ‘Thank you God’. She was humble and accepting of her state in life. We can learn from Our Mother to be humble and accept God’s Will in our life.

nativityEvery year at Christmas, we see children around the Nativity Crib in absolute awe, just looking in childlike wonder. They ask questions about this simple scene, the story of Baby Jesus, the King of Kings, born in the poorest place on earth. Their parents explain to them the birth of Jesus. They point, they ask innocent questions. They love Christmas, they love the Nativity. We can learn a lot from children as Jesus says ‘Let the little children come unto me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven’.


During this Advent week approaching the Birth of Christ, let us meditate on how we can become humble, accepting God’s Will in our life today, at this moment and thanking God for everything. Some ways we can do this is to meditate on Scripture Readings daily on a scripture passage, the Daily Readings for Mass, attending Daily Mass, saying the Rosary daily, Divine Mercy chaplet. Eucharistic Adoration is great for spending quiet time before our Lord.  You can have a normal conversation as you would have with a friend, talk to Jesus and tell Him everything, all your worries, your life story and ask Him questions too. He will first of all comfort you, the peace that the world cannot give you, He will give you, He will calm you down, strengthen you and tell you what you need to do, but you have to change your stubborn ways and listen to His Voice!

Gratitude is the key to life’s happiness, being grateful for each day, for little Blessings, for God’s Creation all around us, for our families, our friends, our home, food, water, jobs, money. He has given us everything we need. Thank you Jesus! Help us to be meek and humble of heart Amen!

Merry Christmas to all our friends!

~ Mary





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Lent journey 2012

I have been trying to write a post for my Lent journey 2012 for some time. But here I am at last!

I have always tried to give up something for Lent. For years it was chocolate – this is going back nearly 20 years ago. When I first started abstaining from eating chocolate, it was very hard! Temptations would come my way – just at Lent time! Ooh the evil one knows when to put things in front of you! I would find chocolate everywhere I turned, most delicious chocolates you could ever find. But I must say with persistence it got better each year, so much so that I don’t eat much chocolate today, apart from at festivals or parties.  Food is good – God has given us everything that is good – but we must be moderate!

What is the purpose of giving up things we enjoy for Lent?  We can convert that into times of prayer, to enrich our souls, time spent communing with Our Lord more. It teaches us perseverance, how not to give into temptation so easily, things that make us feel comfortable, materialistic things that are not necessary for our salvation.

Next I gave up going to movies during Lent. Again it was a difficult journey! Some really good movies turn up at Lent time. Going to the movies was a time to relax and unwind, give myself a treat for the week. So I would take in a movie just before Lent. This took many years and finally I must say I have not been to a movie hall for some time and I don’t miss it – well apart from a really good film that comes out with my favorite actors! I won’t waste my money, buy expensive popcorn and icecream and sit in an airconditioned theatre for the sake of getting a treat! I now watch EWTN on my TV, religious videos, try and read books of the saints more often.  There is a wealth of catholic reading books if you only look for it. ‘Seek and you will find’.

Now this year, the Lord has inspired me to give up Facebook for Lent. This has been a difficult journey, as it has become an addiction and I’m sure Facebook is an addiction for most people today.  Its already the 3rd week in Lent and I must confess its been a relief for me to not turn Facebook on, as I am trusting in the Lord Jesus. An addiction is an addiction, its hard to give it up, whatever it might be. I sympathise with cigarette smokers, alcoholics, etc. The withdrawal symptoms are very painful. But one needs to pray 24/7 at this time.  24/7? you say.  Yes you can do it. Just call on the name of Jesus, if you can’t think of a prayer, call on His Mother Mary to comfort you.

Speaking of setting times during the day to pray. I have slotted in time as follows. You can easily fit in 5 minutes during your busy work day.

  1. Before Breakfast – Bible passage or prayer – 5-10 minutes
  2. 12 Noon Angelus – 1 minute
  3. Grace before/after Meals – 30 seconds
  4. 3pm Divine Mercy prayer or chaplet – 5 minutes
  5. 6pm Angelus – 5 minutes
  6. 9pm Rosary – 15 minutes. Bible reading – 5 minutes
  7. Bedtime – Examination of Conscience – 15 minutes.

Have a Blessed Lent!


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