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How to suffer well?

Suffering is part of human life, we have to accept it and learn how to deal with it when it comes. Life can’t be all about being happy all the time! Fr Robert Spitzer speaks on ‘How to suffer well’ …

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It seems there is no way out, no hope, you are alone, abandoned. ‘Why me?’ You ask.

Then you see an image of Jesus hanging on the cross – abandoned by everyone, even His friends, all except His beloved Mother and One faithful disciple John. He is brutally tortured, ridiculed, mocked at, His physical appearance is beyond human recognition, as prophesied by Isaiah. God became man to show us He is with us in sufferings.

In these times of trial, try to focus on prayer, turn your mind away from trying to control the situation which is beyond your control and surrender it all at the foot of the Cross – everything. Find a book to read – bible, prayer book, rosary, story of a saint, meditate on a passage of the scriptures. Attend Holy Mass or Eucharistic Adoration. Don’t go over the past events or people who are involved, the fear of the unknown, just repeat words of prayer and focus on Christ. The more you focus on your faith and prayer, the more you will find the strength from Jesus.

In your weakness Christ is right there with you.

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On suffering

The truth is we are all born the same – rich and poor, whatever country or nation we belong to, each of us have to go through life’s struggles, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. No one escapes it. From the time a baby is born, he/she learns slowly (the hard way) how to sit up, stand on their feet, slowly take one step at a time, how to cry when hungry or in pain, learn how to talk, go through the childhood years of learning, adjusting to adulthood, going out in the world as a mature adult. All this takes time, effort, learning by mistakes. We have to deal with sickness, disease, life’s hurts, somebody deceiving you, there will be¬†painful life situations and we grow with faith through each situation. When we accept suffering and pain in our life and align it with Christ’s suffering on the cross, it becomes redemptive suffering.¬† We can turn a blind eye to human suffering – whether its poverty, disease, family break up, homelessness, etc., and pretend it doesn’t exist. But it does and each of us can do something about it – however small it is. If you are in pain and anguish right now – go to Jesus, speak to Him in your heart or visit a church.


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