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7 deadly sins; 7 lively virtues

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This is dilemma we face in this current culture we live in. It is so hard to live out your christian faith in the business world. We each need to work and have the tools to learn how to work with people who have a different mindset or beliefs. I found this article today. The University of Mary has introduced leadership course on building up strength of character and virtues.

“What is virtuous leadership? At the University of Mary, leadership is about more than theories, charts and balance sheets. It’s about the strength of character and the virtues that define an individual as a person and business leader.

Today’s world is begging for faithful business leaders. A businessperson doesn’t just leave his Catholic, Christian convictions at the front door when walking into work in the morning. Virtue has been talked about for centuries but has fallen out of fashion in the modern world. Such luminaries as Aristotle, St. Paul, and St. Thomas Aquinas all taught that the human person is made for greatness — a greatness of soul or what we call the virtue of magnanimity.

That’s why the University of Mary, together with the Havard Virtuous Leadership Institute, is offering education in virtuous leadership through graduate-level study in the University of Mary’s Gary Tharaldson School of Business.


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