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Today at Mass, our priest spoke on this topic. So how do you define ‘happiness’?

‘Seeking holiness rather than happiness is a hard thing to do in the culture in which we live,” wrote John Maxwell, “because so much is geared to happiness—whatever makes you feel good.  In a secular society, happiness is the aim of life.  In a spiritual society, holiness is the thing that we strive for….Happiness is really found in holiness.  But if we try to bypass holiness in our search for happiness, we’ll miss it altogether.  Happiness is a by-product of holiness; it’s a benefit of living a pure life, rightly related to God, self and others.”

Material happiness is short-lived, it is just a feeling. If we strive to live holy lives we will be at peace, that is seeking peace with ourselves and others, doing the Will of God, obeying God’s Commandments, praying throughout the day, going to Mass, receiving the Holy Eucharist, Confession, striving to overcome our weaknesses, serving others. Striving to achieve this is hard work, but God gives us much more abundant Grace when we look to serve others, giving us peace and strength for daily living.



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helping Today I witnessed an incident that touched my heart and I just have to record it! Moments like these are God’s message of hope, love, joy, communion with people. We are all suffering and wounded, but we reach out to one another, wherever we may be. A smile, a touch, a little gesture to show I care, all helps restore our faith in God and brings peace to us and those around us.

Today I was at Mass and Our Lady’s Novena and as usual there are a lot of elderly, sick people at front rows of church, which is usually packed lunchtime. They all love this Novena to Our Lady and they are there with their little prayer books. Today I noticed parents come in front of me with a disabled son, they had their arm around him throughout the service while he knelt. A few of the congregation near to him turned around to smile at him especially and give him a little gift holy card, medal and rosary and say a few words to him, pat him on the back. It was such a lovely moment to feel welcomed as God’s family. Our churches are a haven, oasis of prayer for all. Some people feel disillusioned with life and become hardened, turn away from their faith even, blame people for past mistakes and it makes them bitter internally. But take heart, there is hope in Jesus!




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The world has grown old; the human race is adrift. Well, yes, if we abandon humanity to its natural course, to its fatal direction. No, if the power from on high that is preserved in the religion of Jesus and in His Church is poured out anew on all ranks of the human race and restores them to life.
– Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862), Bishop, Feast day September 24

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There comes a time in your life, when it seems that you are in life’s darkest moments. We all face it. Nothing prepares us for it. Some of us have an inkling by accepting many life challenges all their life, they learn patience, perseverance, strength. They know that God is preparing them for some tough life battles.

Jesus showed us a way, He suffered a cruel death on the Cross, to save mankind from sin. He suffered mockery from the crowds, rejection, beaten with heavy blows, scourged and flesh torn, crowned with heavy thorns, desertion from his closest friends, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, weakness, suffocation. He died alone on the cross, with two thieves by His side and His Mother, faithful disciple St John and St Mary Magdalen at the foot of the cross. At His death there was darkness over the whole earth, the veil of the temple was torn in two, tombs were opened, there was an earthquake, the whole world and all nature even mourned.

Then on the third day He rose from the dead, as He said He would. So we should rejoice and have hope because our redemption is near at hand. Remember Blessed John Paul II words ringing out loud and clear :

We are the Easter people and Alleluia is our song” says Blessed John Paul II.

Stay strong in your trials, pray and be filled with hope, stay calm, be patient, keep your eyes on Jesus, on the Cross, because your Redemption is near at hand.

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